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  • Charms and hexes.

    Charms and hexes.

    Name: Joseph

    Location: Baltimore, The 9th wave, Valhalla

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    And men are like that, cont…

    Chaos flooding, a ruckus of stereotype
    funnels out of your motorcycle’s exhaust pipe. I hide my exhilaration
    by pretending to not know your intention.
    However, the future is never murky to my eye.
    Your mouth tastes of blood and harsh metals, the essence of self destruction.
    And yet and still, I suck and lick you,
    while you drunkenly consider how to
    perform fellatio on me.
    I shouldn’t have forgotten my penchant
    for predatory instinct - I’m blood hungry
    let me cut my teeth deep into
    your confusion.
    Sexual upir.


Edie Nadelhaft - XL Cherry Biter No.3


    Edie Nadelhaft - XL Cherry Biter No.3

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    Walking with Laganja in Nature (by Alaska Thunderfuck)


    Dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmn that penis is PINK!


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